The Future of Lorien

Diary of Mugen - 9/23/1520

Today we went on a resource run with Captain Maokai. Lieutenant Carryon got a day off after successfully repairing the walls the other day. I suppose that the King doesn’t mind overworking Artoneius then. We headed South where we hit the mines and managed to find an emerald. Artoneius felt some movement beneath the ground through its tremorsense and we uncovered an underground library.

We went down to find some drows that didn’t want to welcome us but they seemed to take a liking to Ramakrishna, also a drow. We ended up standing outside and waiting for Ramakrishna to do her thing in the library. She came out excited after she flaunted her book on ponies. She also managed to get her information on the whereabouts of a blue dragon that lived in a cave to the South.

We headed South to the cave and cautiously entered. Tot was at the end of it standing with a blank face. As we rushed for Tot, a hoard of Orcs started to attack us. We went in and out of the cave as quick as we can and smacked Tot back into consciousness. Maokai relieved us for the day and we started heading back to the city. Hopefully he gets the blame when they realize that we didn’t manage to collect any resources during this trip.


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