The Future of Lorien

Diary of Lt. Carryon - 9/22/1520

Tonight was the night of the Equinox, it only comes twice a year and the event greatly increases my earth bending abilities for a split second. General Kase had also said that today was the day that the Golem, Artoneius, finally finished its military training and was ready to put its strength to the test. There was no better time than tonight to get back Wall Kluse.

All the higher ups were there with us on the battlefield. I led division 6 consisting of Artoneius, Mugen, Celebrimbor, Ramakrishna, Tot, Biggs, Wedge, and Justin Kase to the front line. I must of killed about 200 orcs before I reached Wall Kluse. A dragon flew overhead and swooped down and took off with one of our guys, Tot. We managed to repair the walls and kill all the Orcs within our territory, however there were casualties: Biggs, Wedge, and Justin Kase confirmed dead, Tot is missing in action.

Our mission was complete, I didn’t care much for Tot and ordered division 6 to retire back to the city. They were more than welcome to look for him tomorrow during my day off.


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